VIP-191: Designated Gas Payer

The following is a series tutorials that shows how to integrate VIP-191: Designated Gas Payer into VeChainThor transactions.

The series of tutorials is also available on Medium.

What is VIP-191: Designated Gas Payer?

Before starting the series of tutorials it may be useful to first understand what VIP-191: Designated Gas Payer is. Essentially this feature on the VeChainThor blockchain allows a sponsor to pay for the gas fee on behalf of the user sending the transaction. This means that a user can send a transaction on the VeChainThor blockchain without the user having any VTHO (gas token) to make the transaction.

Why is VIP-191 such a big deal?

The ability to allow another entity to pay user transaction fees greatly improves the user experience when interacting with the blockchain. Delegating the transaction fee from the user to a sponsor has many use cases:

  • Onboarding: New users can claim NFTs or tokens at events where the event sponsor pays for the transaction fee. This means that a user can download a VeChain compatible mobile wallet, create a wallet, scan a QR code and claim a NFT or tokens all without the need to hold any cryptocurrency assets at all.

  • dApps: Marketplaces, games or decentralized finance (DeFi) applications built on the VeChainThor blockchain could sponsor transactions for their users removing costs that are usually paid for by the user. This could be a unique selling point to differentiate and encourage a user to one marketplace over another.

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