Welcome to the official documentation for the JavaScript VeChain SDK!

This SDK provides developers with tools and resources to integrate VeChain blockchain functionality into their applications with ease. Whether you're building decentralized applications (dApps), managing digital assets, or exploring blockchain-based solutions, this SDK offers a comprehensive set of features to interact with the VeChainThor blockchain.


To start using the VeChain SDK, you can install specific packages based on your needs. The SDK is a monorepo that includes various packages. Here are the packages available:

You can install these packages individually based on your requirements. Here's how you can install the packages using npm:

npm install @vechain/sdk-core
npm install @vechain/sdk-network

If you prefer using yarn, you can install the packages as follows:

yarn add @vechain/sdk-core
yarn add @vechain/sdk-network


We welcome contributions from the community to improve the VeChain SDK. If you want to contribute, please review our Contribution Guidelines for more information.


The VeChain SDK is licensed under the MIT License, which allows for both personal and commercial use.

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