Wallet list

New Wallet


  1. Click Generate

  2. Verification

    1. Password: Enter your password to authorize the generation

    2. Biometric authentication:

      1. Facial recognition: hold your device in portrait orientation, then glance at it.

      2. Fingerprint recognition: place your finger on fingerprint scanner

Mobile - Long press the Generate

Desktop - Right click the Generate


  1. Click Import

  2. Enter your mnemonic words

  3. Enter your password to authorize the import

  1. Click Link Now

  2. Connect and unlocked your Ledger device

  3. Click Link

Wallet name

By default, we use "New Wallet" as the name for each new wallet. You can easily change the name by editing the input text field.

Custom network wallet

  1. Select Private

  2. Click Import / Generate

Backup wallet

The mnemonic words store all the information that is needed at any point in time to recover your wallet. The mnemonic words should be stored in a secure place. It ensures you have had a backup in a scenario where your device breaks down or becomes unusable due to any reason. In such cases, all you need is your mnemonic words to recover the wallet.

  1. Click Backup Now on the banner

  2. Backup manually

    1. Click Backup

  • Once you've backed up the wallet or wallet is imported, the backup banner won't be shown, you can try to back up manually

  • Ledger wallet mnemonic words are managed by Ledger itself. therefore, you will not be able to back up your device via Sync2

Rename wallet

Wallet name is the identifier to help you easily tell the wallet.

  1. Click Rename

  2. Enter the name of your wallet

  3. Click Confirm

Delete wallet

  1. Click Delete

  2. Follow the instructions to continue the deletion

  3. Click Delete

  4. Enter your password to authorize the deletion

Create new address

  1. Click New Address

A user is limited to a maximum of 10 addresses.


Add assets

  1. Choose the token from the token list

  2. Toggle on to enable

Transfer history

  1. Click the asset you would like to check the history

Send asset

  1. Click the asset you would like to send

Receive asset

  1. At the upper right

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