Multi language support

We support English ('en'), Italian ('it'), French ('fr'), Spanish ('es'), German ('de'), Chinese ('zh'), Japanese ('ja'), and Russian ('ru').

The default language is English ('en'), and it is the fallback if the iso code is not recognized

To change the language and the i18n dataset you have to pass them to the dappKitUI configuration

const vechainDAppKitOptions: DAppKitUIOptions = {
    nodeUrl: 'https://testnet.vechain.org/',
    genesis: 'test',
    // set the current language
    language: 'it',
    // you can also pass a new i18n dataset to tailor or add new languages
    i18n: {
        "custom-language":  {
            'connect-wallet': '...',
            'copy-to-clipboard': '...',
            connected: '...',
            disconnect: '...',
            'opening-veworld': '...',
            'get-veworld': '...',


this is the default i18n dataset:

    en: {
        'connect-wallet': 'Connect Wallet',
        'copy-to-clipboard': 'Copy to Clipboard',
        connected: 'Connected',
        disconnect: 'Disconnect',
        'opening-veworld': 'Opening VeWorld...',
        'get-veworld': 'Get VeWorld',
        'sign-connection-certificate-button': 'Sign Certificate',
            'Proof address is required, please sign a certificate to continue',
        'waiting-signature': 'Waiting for signature...',
    it: {
        'connect-wallet': 'Connetti il Wallet',
        'copy-to-clipboard': 'Copia',
        connected: 'Connesso',
        disconnect: 'Disconnetti',
        'opening-veworld': 'Apertura di VeWorld...',
        'get-veworld': 'Ottieni VeWorld',
        'sign-connection-certificate-button': 'Firma Certificato',
            'È richiesta una firma di certificato per connettersi al wallet.',
        'waiting-signature': 'Attendo firma...',
    fr: {
        'connect-wallet': 'Connecter le portefeuille',
        'copy-to-clipboard': 'Copier dans le presse-papiers',
        connected: 'Connecté',
        disconnect: 'Déconnecter',
        'opening-veworld': 'Ouverture de VeWorld...',
        'get-veworld': 'Obtenir VeWorld',
            'Une signature de certificat est requise pour se connecter au portefeuille.',
        'sign-connection-certificate-button': 'Signer le certificat',
        'waiting-signature': 'En attente de la signature...',
    es: {
        'connect-wallet': 'Conectar billetera',
        'copy-to-clipboard': 'Copiar al portapapeles',
        connected: 'Conectado',
        disconnect: 'Desconectar',
        'opening-veworld': 'Abriendo VeWorld...',
        'get-veworld': 'Obtener VeWorld',
            'Se requiere una firma de certificado para conectarse a la billetera.',
        'sign-connection-certificate-button': 'Firmar certificado',
        'waiting-signature': 'Esperando firma...',
    de: {
        'connect-wallet': 'Wallet verbinden',
        'copy-to-clipboard': 'In Zwischenablage kopieren',
        connected: 'Verbunden',
        disconnect: 'Trennen',
        'opening-veworld': 'VeWorld wird geöffnet...',
        'get-veworld': 'VeWorld erhalten',
            'Eine Zertifikatssignatur ist erforderlich, um eine Verbindung zur Brieftasche herzustellen.',
        'sign-connection-certificate-button': 'Zertifikat signieren',
        'waiting-signature': 'Warte auf Signatur...',
    zh: {
        'connect-wallet': '连接钱包',
        'copy-to-clipboard': '复制到剪贴板',
        connected: '已连接',
        disconnect: '断开连接',
        'opening-veworld': '正在打开 VeWorld...',
        'get-veworld': '获取 VeWorld',
        'sign-connection-certificate-description': '连接钱包需要签名证书。',
        'sign-connection-certificate-button': '签名证书',
        'waiting-signature': '等待签名...',
    ja: {
        'connect-wallet': 'ウォレットに接続',
        'copy-to-clipboard': 'クリップボードにコピー',
        connected: '接続されました',
        disconnect: '切断する',
        'opening-veworld': 'VeWorld を開いています...',
        'get-veworld': 'VeWorld を取得',
        'sign-connection-certificate-button': '証明書に署名',
        'waiting-signature': '署名を待っています...',
    ru: {
        'connect-wallet': 'Подключить кошелек',
        'copy-to-clipboard': 'Копировать в буфер обмена',
        connected: 'Подключено',
        disconnect: 'Отключить',
        'opening-veworld': 'Открытие VeWorld...',
        'get-veworld': 'Получить VeWorld',
            'Для подключения к кошельку требуется подпись сертификата.',
        'sign-connection-certificate-button': 'Подписать сертификат',
        'waiting-signature': 'Ожидание подписи...',

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