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A collection of useful links and resources.

Developer Grants

VeChain has an open milestone based grant program, with a maximum funding of $30,000, payable in USDC. Successful grant applicants can range from the development of decentralized applications (dApps), integrations, developer tooling or research based projects. For more details or to apply for a grant please redirect to the grant program,

VeChain Improvement Proposals (VIPs)

The VIP campaign is formally launched with initial funding of $100k. This campaign aims to encourage community developers to propose ideas or solutions in the form of VIPs to improve and expand the VeChainThor blockchain. For each VIP, we’ll award $2k USD! Read more about the VIP process and how you can contribute here,

Support / Helpdesk

A support site where you can raise an issue and look for assistance,


A useful resource to keep up to date with the latest on chain and in person events,

Notable VeChain Communities

If you want to add a community to the list please follow the contribution guidelines How to contribute

VeChain dApp Hub

Social Media Channels

Testnet Faucet

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