How to Recreate

A tutorial on how to recreate the OpenZeppelin tests locally using a Thor Solo node.

Run a Thor Solo Node

Use the tutorial How to run a Thor Solo Node to start up a thor solo node.

Configure a Development Environment

Clone openzeppelin-contracts

git clone
cd openzeppelin-contracts

Install the required VeChain libraries

npm install @vechain/hardhat-vechain@0.0.1 --save-exact
npm install @vechain/hardhat-web3@0.0.1 --save-exact
npm install @vechain/web3-providers-connex@1.0.0 --save-exact

Modify your hardhat.config.js

Add the following to your hardhat config


Add the VeChain network settings

   vechain: {
      url: "",
      accounts: {
        mnemonic: "denial kitchen pet squirrel other broom bar gas better priority spoil cross",
        count: 10,
      restful: true,
      gas: 10000000,
      delegate: {
        url: "hello",
        signer : "world"

Run the OpenZeppelin Tests

Assuming you have cloned OpenZeppelin and are running thor locally in solo mode we can now move on to running the OpenZeppelin tests. First navigate to the appropriate directory.

cd openzeppelin-contracts

Run a single test

npx hardhat test --network vechain test/access/AccessControlEnumerable.test.js

Run all tests

npx hardhat test --network vechain

After running a given number of tests a *.csv file with the results of the tests will appear under openzeppelin-contracts folder.

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