Controllable Transaction Lifecycle

Configure your transaction lifecycle on the VeChainThor blockchain.


Configure your transaction, which has not yet been included in a block, to be processed or expire at a set time by using the BlockRef and Expiration fields on the transaction model.


BlockRef stores the reference to a particular block whose next block is the earliest block the current transaction can be included. In particular, the first four bytes of BlockRef contains the block height, while the second four bytes can be used to prove that the referred block is known before the transaction is assembled. If that is the case, the value of BlockRef should match the first eight bytes of the ID of the block at the required height.


Expiration stores a number that can be used, together with BlockRef, to specify when the transaction expires. Specifically, the sum of Expiration and the first four bytes of BlockRef defines the height of the last block that the transaction can be included.

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