Block Explorers

An essential tool which enhances the readability of the blockchain.

What is a block explorer?

A block explorer is an online tool that enables you to search for real-time and historical information about a blockchain, including data related to blocks, transactions, addresses and more. It is commonplace for blockchian wallets to link to a reputable block explorer once a user transaction has been executed. This process provides a user with a second level of validation, where they can instantly validate the status of a transaction, executed from a wallet, on a trusted, independent tool.

It's not uncommon to have multiple tools satisfying the same requirement in blockchain ecosystems. In fact, as explorers play such a critical role in making blockchain data accessible to everyone, having multiple tools is actually a good thing.

Why use a block explorer?

Block explorers are useful to many different types of actor for various reasons.

  • Check the status of a transaction.

  • Review previous transactions.

  • View the contents of a wallet, such as transaction history or token balance.

  • View the state of the blockchain via the current block height, transaction volume, transaction fees.

  • View the market data associated with a token such as the circulating supply of a token, the max supply and market capitalization.

VeChain block explorers?


Community project founded in 2017, VeChainStats is the leading blockchain data analytics platform on the VeChainThor Blockchain. VeChainStats provides the community and ecosystem an advanced data analytics platform and block explorer with real-time information regarding on-chain metrics over transactions, tokens, NFTs and more.


Insight is an open source, serverless VeChain explorer. It allows you to explore and search for blocks, transactions and accounts. Insight is a tool managed and deployed internally by VeChain.

VeChain Explorer

VeChain Explorer is yet another tool which provides information on transactions, accounts, blocks and recent VeChainThor activity.

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