Public nodes which can be leveraged to interact with the VeChainThor blockchain.

What is a blockchain mainnet?

A blockchain mainnet, also known as the production network, refers to the live, operational version of a blockchain network. It is the real, functioning blockchain network that is open to the public and used by participants to conduct actual transactions, store data, and execute smart contracts.

How can I access the mainnet?

In order to interact with the mainnet you either have to run a node yourself and send requests to the node to access the blockchain, or alternatively, you would need to identify a public node, who's job it is to add transactions to the network and return with data from the network, and direct requests there. There are several community run nodes as well as third party services who operate nodes.

See a full list of the publicly available VeChainThor nodes in the Developer Resource article Nodes

Interested in operating a public Thor node, here's a link to the public repo, and a link to a tutorial on how to run a local Thor node How to run a Thor Solo Node.

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