OpenZeppelin Compatibility

OpenZeppelin is the most popular open-source library for writing smart contracts in Solidity. It provides a set of modular and secure contracts that can be used as building blocks for developing your own smart contracts. In addition, OpenZeppelin comes with a set of tools that can be used for testing and deploying smart contracts.
You can find OpenZeppelin's GitHub repository here.
OpenZeppelin contracts are designed to be both secure and easy to use. Some examples of contracts include, ERC20, ERC721, Governance and Access Control as well as several utility contracts for performing math and cryptographic operations.
Overall, OpenZeppelin is considered one of the best resources when it comes to the development, testing and deployment of smart contracts as it is secure, audited and easy to use.
Although Vechain differs from Ethereum in some respects, see here for more information, Vechain is EVM compatible meaning that it maintains compliance with OpenZeppelin smart contracts.
The majority of OpenZeppelin contracts are supported by Vechain with a few exceptions which we will explore in the next section.