# Settings

# Switch Language

  1. Click Language
  2. Choose your language from the list
  3. Click to set your preferred language

# Change Password

  1. Click Password
  2. Enter your password to authorize the password setup
  3. Enter your new password
  4. Enter your password again for confirmation

# Biometric Authentication Mobile only

  1. Click Biometric Authentication
  2. Enter your password
  3. Biometric verification

Following scenario required your biometric authentication

  1. Wallet action(remove, backup, generate, import)
  2. General(change password,enable biometric authentication)
  3. Signing a Transaction or certificate

# Token List

  1. Click Tokens
  2. Choose the token from the token list
  3. Toggle on to enable

📖 Note

Although Sync allows user to create different network wallet all the token list is subject to Token-registry (opens new window)

# Nodes Management

Nodes are the primary communication bridge of the blockchain. If the default node's connection speed in your region is not ideal, you can manage it in the following ways.

# Add node

  1. Click Node
  2. Click at upper right
  3. Enter the node's url with http or https
  4. Click Add to add node

# Change Node

  1. Choose the node from the node list
  2. Click to set your preferred node

# Delete Node

  1. Choose the node from the node list
  2. Click to delete the node