# Demos & Services

# Demos

  • Buy me a coffee - A demo allows your supporter to support your work by donating VET

  • Energy Station(Testnet Only) - An application allows you to exchange energy(VeThor) and VET on VeChain Thor blockchain.

  • Insight - A serverless VeChain explorer. It allows you to explore and search for blocks, transactions and accounts.

  • Inspector - A tool that allows you to deploy and interact with the contract.

  • My-tokens - A tools allows you to transfer tokens

# Public Services

  • Testnet faucet - Provides VET and VTHO on testnet freely. It is designed to help developers test applications as well as provide users an alternative to experience dApps on the VeChainThor blockchain

  • App-hub - a platform that allow you to submit your awesome app and discovery by people around the world.

  • B32 - Signature collection of smart contract method & event

  • Connex-env - The landing page leads user to download Connex powered VeChain wallets

  • Picasso - General purpose deterministic identity icon library in svg format, mostly for vechain thor addresses.

  • Token-registry - A platform where you can submit the token.

# Public Nodes

Public nodes allow you to test all the features without setting up your own node. Below are the available nodes for development and testing.


  1. The public nodes are not designed for the production environment, and VeChain Foundation does not guarantee the reliability and availability.

  2. VeBlocks Public Nodes is a community project to support all developers and allow them everywhere-access to the blockchain, without the need to have a full node with them. For more information, please visit VeBlocks Public Nodes